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waging peace? what the flarn filth flarn does that mean?

ok, so this is where i go public. this is where i start to experiment with this in the public eye.

you know, all those millions and millions of folks who — someday, lord! someday — will be reading my blog to answer all their questions on how to live their life and what color socks go with those slacks and who the heck are you to tell me that plaid don’t go with stripes, anyway?

so i digress.

the point is that, at least at this time, when i talk about waging peace, i mean learning to love yourself so that you can be the real you out in the world.

you know, THAT you. the one that you only share with your closest friends, or your mama or __ (fill in the blank on who you are most yourself around).

it’s this idea that in order to do our thing out in the world, we have to be willing to be ourselves.

I know. I know. Simply EVERYONE is talkin’ about authenticity and radical transparency and yada, yada, blaazai, blazai (now, Markie, you know that’s not a word!)

Which is exactly my point!

I’ve spent 46 (and 11/12ths) years waiting to grow up / working to grow up / hoping and wishing that someday i, too, could proudly claim to be a grownup.

And it don’t seem to be working too well.

aah well.

the point is that i want waging peace to be an exercise in learning to love myself by being myself.

There’s so much more to it — more to be revealed, as the 12-steppers say.

but that, too, is the whole point. If we learn to do by doing — at least i do — then it behooves me to get to doing so’s i can reap some of that there lernin’.

and puttin’ my stuff out there, even as i figure out exactly WHAT my stuff will be, is EXACTLY how i do this.

this whole risk of fallin’ on my face and lookin’ like a fool — at least more foolish than i intentionally planned on lookin’ (lord, let me be a fool for jesus! [i think]) — is EXACTLY the special ingredient, the secret sauce, as it were — at least for me.

by which i guess i mean that puttin’ my stuff out there in the world — skinny legs and all (nod to Tom Robbins) — is precisely one of the ways i wage peace.

if the 9th amendment to the constitution can be interpreted as reserving the right to reserve our rights —

“enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people” (text of the 9th amendment)

then i reserve the right to look a fool!

peace. (and thanks for reading!!)

markie x.


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